Garment Washing and Post-Disaster Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Service in Outaouais

Based in Hull (Gatineau), Nettoyeur Villeneuve offers comprehensive laundry services, including dry cleaning, ironing, pick-up and delivery (for commercial clients).

Thanks to Nettoyeur Villeneuve,

cleaning your delicate clothes and other items is no longer a hassle. le nettoyage de vêtements et d’articles difficiles à laver n’est plus un problème.


Dry Cleaning Experts in Outaouais

Entrust the washing of your uniforms, shirts, coats, suits, curtains, blankets and costumes to our laundry. We specialize in dry cleaning, a milder and more water-efficient technique than traditional washing machine cleaning. Have your clothes cleaned by our dedicated team to enjoy all the advantages of this process:

  • Removal of even the toughest stains
  • Clothes that look new and keep their shine longer
  • Clothes that shrink only rarely, etc.

Nettoyeur Villeneuve also handles the cleaning of wedding and prom dresses, bedding, sports equipment and other items that are difficult to wash in a conventional machine, like leather, fur and silk garments.

We dry clean clothes, sports equipment, wedding dresses, bedding, etc.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Outaouais

We are always attentive to your needs​​​​​​

to your needs

Nettoyeur Villeneuve

More Than Just a Dry Cleaning Company

Founded in 1953, our company stands out for its high-quality dry cleaning service. Additionally, we take care of ironing, clothing modification and mending and laundry. You can rest assured that your garments will get back to you in perfect condition.

Commercial clients from the hotel industry can even benefit from pick-up and delivery services throughout Outaouais.
We clean your clothes and much more!Count on us to wash your carpets and rugs as well as to clean up after a disaster.

Our field of expertise also covers carpet washing and post-disaster cleaning

Professional Garment Cleaner Outaouais

Why Choose Nettoyeur Villeneuve?

Extensive Expertise

We have almost 70 years of experience in dry cleaning.

Prompt Service

Speed is our leitmotiv, whether for dry cleaning or post-disaster cleaning.

Discounts Available

We offer a 15% discount on prepaid orders.

Fill out the contact form for more information about our services.

Nettoyeur Villeneuve is synonymous with high-quality service and competitive rates.

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